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Unravel Science Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is approaching! For many of us, that means gift buying, and if you’re wondering what to get the science enthusiast in your life, we’ve created this gift guide for you.

Here at Unravel Science, we love supporting small, independent businesses as much as possible, and the list below features many shops who use recyclable material, keep sustainability in mind, and have some amazing gifts we think your scientists will love!


Based in the UK, this shop features fun cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes. Made with a 3D printer, the cutters are dishwasher safe, and designs include things like the human cell, micropipette, adrenaline molecule, and so much more.

Click HERE to check out their array of cookie cutters!


This Wisconsin-based shop sells unique ornaments, keychains, and other gifts made from sustainably sourced wood. They’ve got all sorts of designs to choose from like your favorite state, animal, or famous scientist! You can even get tile sets like the Periodic Table of Elements (pictured above).

View their shop HERE


Based out of New York, Rachel (a full-time science student earning her PhD in Immunology and Microbiology!) creates fun, one-of-a-kind stickers and magnets. She’s got a ton of different designs, so whether you’re looking for a chemist, an environmentalist, or an animal lover, this shop has something for everyone, and the stickers are top-notch quality, too.

You can view her shop HERE


Another New York-based shop, DesignEclipse sells “expressive and fun clothing.” They’ve got entertaining designs for just about everyone, and their shirts are not only amazingly comfy, but also cute and hilarious! Great gifts for those you’re just not sure what to buy.

You can view their shop HERE and their science-specific stuff HERE


Ever wanted to learn more about our planet’s ecosystem and have fun at the same time? Check out this unique game!

This Oregon-based biology teacher created a fun and strategic card game for students (and adults!) to learn about biology and ecologies. The cards are made out of high-quality cardstock, and the designs are amazing to look at, too. Definitely a must-have for the tabletop gamer in your life.

Check it out HERE

Cognitive Surplus

Promoting “Science meets design,” this awesome shop has everything your science enthusiast could ever want! Glassware, notebooks, towels, and so much more, you can pick whichever science discipline you prefer, and then choose the gift you think your loved one will like best.

And if you’re not sure what to get, they even have gift cards so you can let your loved one pick what they like most.

View store HERE

Unravel Science

Want to surprise your loved one with an exciting science book they haven’t read yet? Gift them an Unravel Science book box! We’ll send them a newly published non-fiction book along with an assortment of items right to their door. Each of our boxes has an exciting theme that reflects the book sent, so they’ll be sure to love a unique gift like this.

To purchase, click HERE

Be sure to click “This is a gift” before you checkout!

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